Trellis Settles Into 37 Ottawa

November 22, 2019

Trellis have settled into their new office located 37 Ottawa in the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids. Vice President of Marketing and Design, Will Payne, took some time to talk about Trellis, the importance of design, and the City.

Trellis is a certified Herman Miller distributor that uses good design and creative solutions to enhance the way businesses work. They work to ensure businesses feel at home in their spaces, and that clients feel a personal connection with their workplace.

Their space at 37 Ottawa doubles as a showroom. Not only is it where their staff works from every day, but all the products that can be found throughout the office are also for sale.

Much like the rest of the building, Trellis' space at 37 Ottawa showcases many of the historic features of the building. Its exposed brick and timber design provides a balance between the past and the future. 37 Ottawa offers a rare opportunity for businesses to locate themselves on the pulse of the City's activity in some of the most unique office spaces in Grand Rapids.

Trellis is located on the first floor of 37 Ottawa. Learn more about their process and passion right here.

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