The Vision for 37 Ottawa and 50 Monroe

A conversation with Michael VanSchelven

April 4, 2019

Senior Construction Manager of CWD Real Estate Investment, Michael VanSchelven, offers some insight into the logistics and vision behind the 37 Ottawa and 50 Monroe projects. The projects have captivated the community’s attention since it began 2017. This Spring, CWD will proudly share the finished product: a beautiful 130-room hotel on one side and elegant, modern office spaces in Grand Rapids.

Connecting Landmarks in Grand Rapids

With the completion dates on the horizon, our team has been working diligently to meet deadlines and ensure tenants will be ready to move in on time. Between the AC Hotel by Marriott bringing their European-based hotel brand to 50 Monroe and a diverse selection of tenants coming to offices at 37 Ottawa, the two buildings are slated to help activate the area and help link different landmark destinations within the City of Grand Rapids.

Since the previous update shared in August of 2018, our team has made tremendous progress on the project. Now that the two buildings have been separated, our crew has steadily begun to make sure 37 Ottawa and 50 Monroe exist independently.

One-Of-A-Kind Among Grand Rapids Real Estate

These projects offer a one-of-a-kind experience for hotel guests and businesses in search of office spaces in Grand Rapids. Not only do they place you at the epicenter of activity, but they also offer a deeper connection to the community and its history. This historic site has been a part of Grand Rapids for centuries, and it’s about time that it gets returned to those that need it: the people.

37 Ottawa and 50 Monroe accurately reflect CWD’s mission to provide a space for businesses to inspire one another, and to restore and preserve historic and iconic Grand Rapids real estate developments.

Newest Modern, Office Spaces in Grand Rapids

Office spaces are available for lease at 37 Ottawa. Each floor offers large floor plates to work with, allowing tenants to carve out a space of their own within this historic building. Click here for more information on leasing or to schedule a tour.

Work on 37 Ottawa is expected to complete by the Summer, while the AC Hotel at 50 Monroe is scheduled to open in May. Stay tuned to our social media pages for more updates and announcements regarding this project, our portfolio, or the City of Grand Rapids.

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