Terra Bagels to Open in Downtown Grand Rapids

Making the perfect bagel.

November 7, 2021

CWD Real Estate Investment is excited to welcome Terra Bagels to 40 Pearl- Michigan Trust Building in Downtown Grand Rapids at the street front corner of Pearl & Ottawa. They will be replacing the space that was once occupied by Ferris Coffee. 

Terra Bagels’ menu is centered around “making the perfect bagel, as it should be.” The restaurant serves over a dozen different flavors of bagels boiled and baked fresh daily. Homemade Schmears, an array of Sandwiches highlighting their in-house crafted Lox & Pastrami program. 

Terra Bagels currently has one other location in Grand Rapids, located in the Eastown neighborhood at 1413 Lake Drive, adjacent to their farm-to-table authentic food restaurant, Terra GR. 

“We want to share with the downtown community our Bagels and Coffee program and we feel with our location and our ability for online ordering and fast pickup times that we can provide a great experience for our new customers,” says Clark Frain, Director of Operations for Terra GR. 

Completed in 1891 and designed by Solon S. Beman, architect of many Chicago landmark buildings, the Michigan Trust Building was at one time the tallest building in the state of Michigan. President Theodore Roosevelt once addressed the city from the building, and the Michigan Trust Building was the home of Gerald Ford’s first law office. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

“We continually look to increase the offerings of strong restaurant concepts, urban service uses, and retailers to cater to our downtown office, entertainment, and residential community,” says Scott Wierda, Managing Partner at CWD Real Estate Investment. “Terra Bagels will provide an excellent dining option to visitors at the surrounding hotels, the convention center, and the surrounding corporate offices.” 

“Grand Rapids continues to grow, and we’re thrilled about the opportunity to be in a great location and share our bagels with the expanding downtown market.” Says Frain. Terra Bagels will open downtown in December 2021.

CWD Real Estate Investment is a leading, local real estate investment and property management firm in Grand Rapids. Formed in 2008 by partners Sam Cummings, Scott Wierda, and Dan DeVos, CWD commits to strengthening the urban center and community of Grand Rapids by making strategic investments that provide high-quality places to work, eat, shop, live, and be entertained.