RC Caylan Atelier Announces Flagship Store at Breton Village

May 21, 2020

Grand Rapids-based fashion designer, RC Caylan, has announced that he will be bringing his designs to Breton Village. The flagship location will feature a retail area as well as a production space for pre-made and custom designs.

Caylan’s designs have been featured on the backs of celebrities walking red carpets around the world, as well as on models walking the runways of New York Fashion Week. In addition  to these appearances at major fashion events across the country, Caylan has also organized local charity runway shows.Caylan’s current workshop is just enough space for him and his team to work on custom orders. The 1,062-SF location offers more space for Caylan to display his work.

RC Caylan’s flagship location at Breton Village will feature designs ready for sale, as well as his custom-made services previously offered. Despite the successes Caylan has experienced so far in his career, this retail space is an important milestone for the designer, his team, and his career. “Since opening my atelier/work studio, I have always dreamed of having my own retail store,” said RC Caylan. “This move is a huge step in my career, and I am very excited to be able to share my brand with our local fashion enthusiasts.”

Breton Village has welcomed a variety of fashion, health, and fitness brands over the years that have helped establish the location as Grand Rapids’ Fashion District. In addition to the area’s focused retail offerings, it also maintains close connections to the local community. The combination of local and national businesses have helped introduce new customers to these brands and vice versa.

This strong relationship with the local community was an important draw for Caylan. “It has not been easy for me to really connect to our local community because I don’t currently offer that retail aspect,” said Caylan. “But this time it’s going to be different. Fashion enthusiasts will have access to me personally – whether they’re looking for ready-couture or custom-made garments.”

Breton Village welcomed a number of new tenants in 2019, including: Madewell, Boyne Country Sports, Cafe DeMiro, Southside Flower Shop, Waxology, and more. These additions have helped Breton Village become one of West Michigan’s premiere retail spaces in Grand Rapids. “Breton Village has always been a place for fresh ideas that complement the area’s existing fashion, health, and fitness brands,” said Scott Wierda, managing partner at CWD Real Estate Investment and co-owner of Breton Village. “RC Caylan shares many of the qualities that define Breton Village and the surrounding community, and we’re excited to welcome them to the area.”

RC Caylan Atelier is expected to open its doors this summer at 1876 Breton Rd SE.

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