LOVESAC opens in Gaslight Village

April 15, 2022

Based in Stamford, Connecticut, The Lovesac Company is a technology driven company that designs, manufactures and sells unique, high quality furniture derived through its proprietary Designed for Life® approach which results in products that are built to last a lifetime and designed to evolve as our customers’ lives do. Their current product offering is comprised of modular couches called Sactionals, premium foam beanbag chairs called Sacs, and their associated home decor accessories, including our newest innovation in home audio, Sactionals Stealthtech Sound + Charge. Innovation is at the center of our design philosophy with all of our core products protected by a robust portfolio of utility patents. 

“We are excited to be opening our showroom in Gaslight Village in East Grand Rapids, as we continue to grow the Lovesac brand. We look forward to continuing to help people reduce their ecological footprint by building products that are built to last a lifetime, and are designed to evolve with the customer, provide long-term utility and ultimately reduce the amount of furniture discarded into landfills,” said Shawn Nelson, CEO & Founder.

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