Tours Around Michigan Shares Grand Rapids Ghost Stories

October 28, 2020

In the spirit of Halloween, CWD Real Estate Investment has collaborated with Tours Around Michigan to talk about some of the history of its buildings, as well as the ghost stories that are attached.

Tours Around Michigan, led by Candice Smith, offers a variety of tours in, around, and throughout the Greater Grand Rapids area. From history, architecture, art, and (of course) ghosts, Smith shares the interesting facts and history that help define the city's unique character.

CWD Real Estate's portfolio consists of a number of historic commercial properties in Grand Rapids. Given the age of these buildings, it's only natural that some would come with their fair share of ghost stories.

In the videos below, Smith takes us through the Trust Building and the Ledyard Building, both located in the very heart of Downtown Grand Rapids. These iconic buildings are well known for their historic architecture and the businesses that occupy them.


Built in 1892, the Trust Building was the second tallest building in Michigan in its heyday. Today, the building houses retail establishments like Ferris Coffee, Forty Pearl, and Huntington Bank. In addition to these ground-floor tenants, the building has several floors of premier office space in Grand Rapids.

According to Smith, the building's 3rd floor is where a majority of the activity is reported. This is the result of the tragic death of an attorney battling with chronic meningitis in the 1800s.

Since then, some have reported dark figures pacing the halls as well as white figures standing the doorways.



The Ledyard Building was also constructed in the 1800s, but at the time, the property was five separate buildings. Over the years, the buildings have been connected -- a project CWD contributed to after acquiring the property in 2012.

Today, the Ledyard Building stands as the second-oldest commercial property in Downtown Grand Rapids. But despite its age, the spaces have been equipped with modern functionality to serve the needs and expectations of modern businesses.

Smith mentions that one of the businesses in the building has experienced contact with a ghostly entity on a regular basis. From things getting moved, dropped from shelves, and more, the employees have learned to put up with the spirit's pranks.


Tours Around Michigan offers both pre-scheduled tours as well as special tours that can be curated to the group's interests. Upcoming dates and times for the Ghosts Around Grand Rapids Tours can be found below. Click here for more information about Tours Around Michigan.

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