Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce Talks Working and Collaborating Downtown

March 4, 2019

The Calder Plaza Building, located at 250 Monroe, is centered within the City's bustling Central Business District. Its large floor plates allow new businesses with an opportunity to create dynamic and personalized office spaces in Grand Rapids. Groups like the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce have made the building their HQ, placing them within close proximity of the City's finest amenities and the community itself.

The Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce in providing West Michigan businesses with the resources they need to succeed. The group's dedication to helping businesses find their voice has allowed many of its members to develop an ever-growing network of fellow business-owners who are passionate about Grand Rapids and West Michigan as a whole. Together, organization and its 2,400+ members work together to serve the City and the community surrounding it.

Located on the first floor of the Calder Plaza Building, the GRACC is able to provide a space for business-owners, organizers, and leaders to learn, work, and collaborate. Because of the building's centrla location within Grand Rapids, the Chamber is able to easily set up meetings at their space or at any of the dozens restaurants and coffeeshops located minutes from the Calder Plaza Building.

Sarah Cavanaugh took some time to talk about how the Chamber's space Downtown allows them to keep in touch with members and the community. Being Downtown allows you and your employees to stay in engaged with the City and endless list of things that are happening and changing. Building like the Calder Plaza Building provide businesses with a unique opportunity to become a part of something bigger.

Click here for more information on available office spaces in Grand Rapids. Watch the full video from Sarah and the GRACC below:

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