Forty Pearl Expands Menu and Hours

September 25, 2019

Forty Pearl has recently expanded its menu and hours to offer a wide variety of fresh foods and craft cocktails in addition to their selection of Michigan-made wines.

Located at the historic Trust Building in the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids, Forty Pearl have offered a diverse selection of wines Brengman Brothers wines since they opened in 2018. In addition to Brengman Brothers, Forty Pearl also offers wines from other wineries like Bonobo and other Northern Michigan groups.

The expanded menu offers a variety of small plates consisting of meats, cheeses, seafood and more. The fresh flavors and beautiful atmosphere make Forty Pearl a convenient and easy choice for visitors and residents in Downtown Grand Rapids.

In addition to Forty Pearl, the Trust Building is also home to a variety of retail and office spaces in Grand Rapids. The building also comes equipped with a conference center that is available to all CWD tenants.

Learn more about Forty Pearl's expanded menu and the work that goes into the preparing these dishes and drinks. Click here for more information on the exciting things happening in and around Grand Rapids.



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