Meet Some of the New Local Businesses Near You

November 18, 2020

Downtown Grand Rapids


AmWINS Group

AmWINS Group announced it will be moving its West Michigan Headquarters to 37 Ottawa in Downtown Grand Rapids.

The specialty insurance group currently has 118 locations across 12 countries. While they have an existing Grand Rapids office located on 28th St, the group will be moving to the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids in 2021.

AmWINS Group will be located at 37 Ottawa Ave NW, Suite 202 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Grand Action

Grand Action has returned to help bring new, exciting projects to the public. The group's past involvement in major projects in Downtown Grand Rapids, including Van Andel Arena and DeVos Convention Center, are examples of the impact some of these projects have on our community.

The group is starting to discuss new project plans on their radar and will continue to discuss and build on these future plans from their new space located in the Ledyard Building at 125 Ottawa, Suite 152 in Downtown Grand Rapids.

AmWINS Group will be located at 37 Ottawa Ave NW, Suite 202 in Grand Rapids, MI.


KEUTEK is a local electronics manufacturer currently located on the Ledyard Building’s second floor. The group recently expanded within the building, more than tripling the size of their space.

KEUTEK’s main product line features universal charging cables, allowing quick and seamless connection and reconnection between your devices. Their new space within the second-oldest operating commercial office space in Grand Rapids will allow them to continue creating new products that meet their standard of quality and customer convenience.

KEUTEK is located at 125 Ottawa AVE NW in Downtown Grand Rapids, MI.


Gaslight Village (East Grand Rapids)


Bang Blow Dry

Bang Blow Dry is Michigan’s premier blow dry bar and a full-service hair salon. The East Grand Rapids salon was previously located across the street and recently moved to Gaslight Village.

The salon offers a variety of services including custom balayage styling and coloring, makeup, lash lifts, and wedding specials.

Bang Blow Dry will be located at 2237 Wealthy St SE, Suite 150 in East Grand Rapids, MI.


FOIL is a high-end hair salon with several locations throughout West Michigan. The group specializes in cuts and coloring, using precise techniques for vibrant, lively hair.

FOIL is located at 2249 Wealth St SE, Suite 140 in East Grand Rapids, MI.

Ion Diagnostics

Ion Diagnostics is a clinical laboratory that performs various tests using the latest technology and methods in the industry. Some of the testings they perform include urine and oral drug monitoring, pathogen detection, blood testing, Coronavirus testing (via molecular qPCR), and more.

Their space in Gaslight Village is located at 2249 Wealthy St SE, Suite 230 in East Grand Rapids, MI.


201 Marcell (Rockford)


Rockford Bike Shop

Rockford Bike Shop is Rockford's premier full-service bike shop, offering the community expert knowledge on bicycle builds, parts, and repairs. The family-owned shop has been a part of the area's biking community for years, and their new space allows them to continue creating and maintaining those personal connections to their customers and community.

Rockford Bike Shop is located at 201 Marcell, Suite 169 in Rockford, MI.

Wild Bill’s

Wild Bill’s Tobacco is Michigan’s largest tobacco retailer with over 120 locations throughout the Midwest. The group offers a variety of e-liquids and vaporizers, cigars, and tobacco.

Wild Bill’s will be located at 201 Marcell in Rockford, MI.

Peoplelink Staffing

Peoplelink Staffing pairs companies with qualified candidates through their comprehensive hiring processes. The staffing solutions provider has over 60 locations throughout the United States and was crowned the Best of Staffing award by

Peoplelink Staffing will be located at 201 Marcell, Suite 161 in Rockford, MI.


Breton Village


RC Caylan Atelier

Grand Rapids-based fashion designer, RC Caylan, recently opened his flagship retail space in Grand Rapids at Breton Village. RC Caylan Atelier offers a number of pre-made designs as well as home scent products. In addition, the space doubles as a workshop for Caylan and his team to carry out custom garment designs.

Caylan’s designs have appeared on major fashion events like New York Fashion Week as well as on the backs of celebrity red carpets. The flagship location allows Caylan to bring his work closer to local fashion enthusiasts.

RC Caylan Atelier is located at 1876 Breton Rd SE in Grand Rapids, MI.

Duffield Lane

Duffield Lane is a women’s and children’s boutique based in Grand Rapids. Their array of chic designs makes their clothing appropriate for nearly any occasion. Duffield Lane was previously located at Gaslight Village in East Grand Rapids but recently relocated to Breton Village.

Duffield Lane is located at 2457 Breton Rd SE in Grand Rapids, MI.

Spoke Cycle & Strength

Spoke Cycle & Strength offers high-intensity cycling and strength training workouts. Classes are led by a trainer who will help guide participants through a variety of high-intensity workouts guaranteed to help build strength

Spoke Cycle & Strength is located at 1868 Breton Rd SE in Grand Rapids, MI.

CWD Real Estate Investment is a leading, local real estate investment and property management firm in Grand Rapids. Formed in 2008 by partners Sam Cummings, Scott Wierda, and Dan DeVos, CWD commits to strengthening the urban center and community of Grand Rapids by making strategic investments that provide high-quality places to work, eat, shop, live, and be entertained.