CWD Hosts Community Blood Drive in Grand Rapids

July 26, 2018

On August 21st, CWD Real Estate Investment is hosting a blood drive at their office at 50 Louis Street NW in Grand Rapids, MI.

The blood drive is in honor of Cameron Lanore, who has lived his life with a disease known as Diamond-Blackfan anemia. With hospitals everywhere facing a shortage of blood donations, it's becoming more important than ever to get out and donate. As an incentive to attract more donors, the American Red Cross is offering $5 Amazong gift cards to those that participate. Read more down below.

Shortage of Blood

The shortage of blood across the country has become a concern for doctors and patients everywhere. With more blood being distributed than it is being donated, health professionals are beginning to worry. As a result, the American Red Cross is offering an incentive of a $5 Amazon gift card to donors.

Type O blood specifically is sought after from donors. The universal bloodtype is important to daily activity within hospitals. Not only is it distributed for daily patient care, but it's also the go-to in an emergency.

In high-pressure situations like surgeries most doctors will reach for type O blood first. Doctors hope that the incentive will bring more donors to drives, and hopefully bring in more type O blood. For patients with diseases like Diamond-Blackfan anemia, having a surplus of blood donations is important to keeping them alive.

What is Diamond-Blackfan Anemia?

Diamond-Blackfan anemia, DBA for short, is a rare disease of the bone marrow. DBA inhibits the bone marrow's ability to produce red blood cells, putting patients at risk of becoming anemic.

DBA is often diagnosed early very early on in the patient's life. The symptoms are usually spotted in the first year of a person's life, making it easier to handle in the long run.

There are several physical symptoms of DBA that make it so easy to catch early on. In addition to a shortage of red blood cells, there are other physical symptoms that could include:

While DBA can cause some difficulties to patients, they are often able to live happy lives with proper treatment. A big part of this treatment involves blood transfusions from donors like you. In addition to transfusions, patients can also have other options for treatment including corticosteroids, bone marrow transplants, and stem cell transplants.

Donating Blood for Diamond-Blackfan Anemia

Blood donations can help Diamond-Blackfan anemia patients live long and happy lives. The disease can increase patients' risk of bone marrow defects and even certain types of cancers.

Click here to make your appointment on August 21st to donate blood here in Grand Rapids.

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