CWD Celebrates 10 Years of Real Estate in Grand Rapids

October 8, 2018

CWD Real Estate Investment is celebrating its 10-year-anniversary with a series of videos that document the past, present, and future of Grand Rapids.

The videos highlight different buildings within CWD’s diverse portfolio of West Michigan properties, while also sharing details about some of the company’s most ambitious redevelopment projects. Each video features interviews from businesses like mLive, Mighty in the Midwest, and the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, as well as CWD employees and residential tenants. CWD's strategic investments over time have all been made with the future of real estate in Grand Rapids in mind. The goal for the videos is not only to celebrate the company’s accomplishments over the past decade, but to also celebrate the city and its growth in this time.

CWD has become one of the most prominent figures of real estate in Grand Rapids. CWD's portfolio consists of a combination of retail spaces, residential suites, and office spaces in Grand Rapids. CWD’s passionate team of real estate professionals work together to manage the 3.2 million square feet in the company’s portfolio while helping to revitalize the voice and character of the city.

The first video features managing partner Sam Cummings as he describes the changes he’s seen (and led) in Grand Rapids since the company’s formation. With the help of Scott Wierds and Dan DeVos, Cummings and co. have revived some of the city's most historic buildings. 

Stay connected with CWD on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on the video series, as well as progress reports on their on-going projects throughout the Greater Grand Rapids area. Watch the video below, and be on the look out for more videos from CWD.

CWD Real Estate Investment is a leading, local real estate investment and property management firm in Grand Rapids. Formed in 2008 by partners Sam Cummings, Scott Wierda, and Dan DeVos, CWD commits to strengthening the urban center and community of Grand Rapids by making strategic investments that provide high-quality places to work, eat, shop, live, and be entertained.