Another 111 Lyon Project Update

With CWD's Director of Development and Construction

April 22, 2021

The retail development at 111 Lyon is poised for completion later this year. The project brings new changes to the architecture of the site, creates more accessibility, and introduces new retail spaces in Grand Rapids. Jeff Stachowiak, Director of Development and Construction at CWD, walks us through some of the latest updates to the project.

The project introduces four new retail storefronts along Lyon Street, helping to bring more activity to this section of downtown. In addition to the new storefronts, the project also introduces significant aesthetic changes to the property. These changes bring a more modern aesthetic to the site and create new accessibility to the building that didn’t previously exist.

Since the previous project update, the project has made excellent progress. The monumental stair on Lyon Street has been completed, ramps from the lower level to the upper plaza have been installed on the corner of Lyon and Ottawa, and the stone wall has been modified to better reflect a modern look and feel.

In addition to these changes, Fifth Third Bank’s new branch location is open for business and the remaining retail spaces are on track to be turned over to tenants soon. The combination of new retail and restaurants at this area of downtown elevates the surrounding area by providing a new amenity to surrounding offices, event venues, and tourist destinations.

111 Lyon will introduce new retail spaces in Grand Rapids while helping to improve how pedestrians interact with the site. The site will include a combination of stores and restaurants, as well as office spaces available on the floors above.

Learn more about the transformative project and the reasoning behind some of these decisions from Stachowiak in the video below.


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