We love our clients. Here's proof they love us back. We’re fully invested in those who make Grand Rapids great. Here’s what a few of them are saying.

"We love our CWD offices in the PNC bank building on Monroe in Grand Rapids.  In addition to a great location and great space, we appreciate the service and responsiveness of the CWD team.  Work order requests are simple, the CWD turnaround time is quick and they do a great job to proactively make our facility look great for our employees and visitors alike.  Thank you for all that you do!"

Ashley Gechoff, Visitor Concierge, Experience Grand Rapids


"We always valued our long relationship with CWD at our former regional headquarters building at 50 Monroe in downtown Grand Rapids.  More recently, we worked closely with CWD and our work environment partners Custer, Inc. and Steelcase to move our West Michigan headquarters to CWD’s historic Trust Building at 40 Pearl downtown.  CWD was instrumental in helping us create a beautiful new workspace environment for our teams that will build better collaboration and work effectiveness.  Our partners at CWD made this move as seamless as possible and remain very responsive and supportive to our ongoing needs in the new building."

John Irwin, Regional President, Huntington Bank