Can something stationary start a movement?

Where some see a building, we see an opportunity.

We see potential.

We see a catalyst for growth and change.

Where some see bricks, metal, and glass, we see the future.

One that’s told one story at a time.

We see more than meets the eye.

We see a way for people to come together.

For business to grow.

For ideas to thrive.

For progress to be made.

A building may never move…

That doesn’t mean one can’t start a movement.

Partners Sam Cummings, Scott Wierda and Dan DeVos are the principals of CWD Real Estate, a fully integrated real estate firm that owns and operates many of the most sought-after properties in Michigan.

CWD Real Estate commits to strengthening the urban center and community of Grand Rapids by making strategic investments that provide high-quality places to live, work and be entertained.

Together, the principals of CWD possess nearly 80 years of real estate experience and enjoy a demonstrated track record of entrepreneurship in West Michigan and beyond. Their position as long-time owners, investors and developers uniquely equips them to offer their services as fiduciaries. Based on their expertise and ability to 'think like owners', they can provide invaluable insight into long-term planning for real estate as an integral part of a balanced investment portfolio.

The managing partners of Cummings and Wierda jointly direct the firm’s daily operations, investments and oversee the management of the company’s assets. CWD partner Dan DeVos is directly involved in the company’s investment and development initiatives and works with the managing partners to develop the company’s long-term growth strategy.

We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.

– Winston Churchill

Hear how CWD transformed the Masonic Temple building into a dynamic and inspiring collaborative workspace. 
Watch the video now.